SKU: UI-0126

Size: 6.5’L x 39’’W x 8’’H/ 2m x 1m x 20cm


High resilience and density  foam cushion for drylands. Includes special fabric (if used in enclosed area) or vinyl (if used in outdoor area) and high strength closure.


 Measures of (6.5’L x 39’’W x 8’’H/ 2m x 1m x 20cm),  - (Our experience tells us that the correct dimensions are necessary for a better performance) -


All our mattresses and materials have been used by the best divers in the world, world champions and Olympic champions in different gyms and pools.

Our mats have always had a great acceptance by  divers and their coaches.

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Mats (6.5’L x 39’’W x 8H / 2m x 1m x 20cm)

SKU: UI-0126

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