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We replace the non-slip surface on your diving board.

UNGHI INTERNATIONAL is a company with more than 20 years of experience in this type of work.

In order for UNGHI INTERNATIONAL to carry out the remanufacture of your diving board and ensure the best service:

The remanufacturing of the board is a process that implies the elimination of all the painting and the corrosion. We re-inspect the board for cracks, excessive corrosion damage, before sending the trampoline or structure to our paint line for a new finish. Then install new rubber channels.

UNGHI INTERNATIONAL will not do any work if the board presents the following issues:

Slots, cracks in the ribs, or the surface of the trampoline.

Excessive or deep corrosion or some kind of perforation or blow anywhere on the board.

Structural damage due to your facility, operation, or any other reason.

Some previous inappropriate treatment or use of excessive materials applied to the board with paint of any kind.

If an extra material such as rubber pads, bolts, screws, or other spare parts is needed, it will be each quoted separately. Shipping costs or cargo movements are not included.

Transit time is approximately 5-9 business days each way to and from South Texas. The working times are from 4 to 6 weeks, not counting the transfer times.It is important to note that we do NOT recommend the use of remanufactured plates for official events.


Refinish and remanufatured diving board

SKU: UI-4011

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